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3 Modern Beauty and Health Business Opportunities

In today’s celebrity driven culture, the beauty business is most definitely booming. The industry generates more than $55 billion annually – in the United States alone. The largest segment of the industry is hair care followed closely by skin care, which is expected to reach over $10 billion in another year.

Beauty industry business entrepreneur working

Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian popularized the idea of a curvy physique, thus health and fitness programs and products became as popularized as make up and fashion. As recent as 2015, the world wide fitness industry revenue surpassed $80 billion.

Now combine the ubiquitous Internet and social media phenomenon, and an entrepreneur with a passion about beauty or health and wellness has plenty of opportunity and endless potential.

Listed below are health, beauty, and fitness opportunities for the 21st century…

Become a Health and Wellness Coach

With a couple hundred dollars and a plan to continue furthering your education, becoming a health and wellness professional, or certified fitness instructor is another fantastic opportunity. A health directory is a good place to start learning more about opportunities in the industry. Once you decide a specialty, there are many organizations which provide certification. Here are a few tips to help in your selection and understanding:

Fitness presentation by a health and wellness instructor

Specialization Increases Potential Income – Generic certifications may help you get into the business, but it is specializing in specific areas (Pilates, Jin Shin Do, Acupressure, etc.) that will increase revenue and career potential. The amount of time, money and talent needed to invest in specialization is greater than a simple certification. However, when all is said and done, the return is worth the investment.

Experience Will Increase Your Potential – Once you are in the process of getting certified, and after you are actually certified, start working in the field. Gain experience and first hand knowledge of what works and what doesn’t. Teaching isn’t always about knowledge, there’s demeanor and interpersonal interaction which only experience can provide.

Holistic wellness and health are two fields growing in popularity that have plenty of options that will suit your interest. Take a look into the day in the life of a health coach:

Become a Salon Owner or Manager

Numerous licensed beauty professionals and cosmetologists have opened the door to the next level of their career by either stepping into salon management or by opening their own salon or spa. Leasing a location, hiring stylists, and purchasing the salon equipment is part of the responsibility of ownership. There are many helpful videos that can teach you about running the salon and the furniture you will need.

You want to learn everything you can about launching a salon before jumping into it. Salon, spa or barbershop managers guide the direction of the business, maintain operations within the laws of the state, city and municipality, and just as important, make certain that all employees are properly certified, knowledgeable, and able to perform their jobs.

Hair care and coloring by a stylist in a beauty salon

This career path offers opportunities in spas, beauty and skin care companies, hospitality management, and of course, hair and beauty salons. In order to run an accomplished beauty business, the manager is THE essential factor.

Become a Beauty Blogger

In today’s world, everyone with a computer has a blog. Specializing that blog to feature beauty care products, tutorial videos, tips and product reviews could generate income from affiliates, advertisers and even Google AdSense.

So, educating women on beauty care news, cosmetics and breakthroughs is a business you can get into, and can be done from anywhere at anytime. With consistency and time, you will build an audience of readers and followers. Once you have a large enough following, income can be generated by promoting products as an affiliate or selling advertisement space to retailers.

The Beauty and Health & Wellness Industry Strength

Even through turbulent economic times, the beauty and health & wellness industry has had a very strong history of remaining robust. With continuing (and rising) demand for products, services and quality, both employment and business opportunities remain plentiful and financially rewarding.

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Is a Degree In Sports Management Right for You?

Anyone interested in the business side of the sports industry should take a look at getting a degree in sports management. Such degrees offer a firm understanding of how sports, business and management all work together. According to this professor, the curriculum associated with this type of degree is built with instruction related to business topics in sports, and will often include practical experiences related to managing sports events and sports organizations. Many of the available programs will even enable students to specialize in a specific area of the sports industry, such as sports marketing, golf management or sports tourism.

Higher education sports management career

Attainable Degree Levels

Associate’s Degree – An Associate’s degree is a broad-based study program focused on the introduction and fundamentals of the studied field. An Associate of Business Science degree will focus on and around the business aspect of sports management, accounting or finance for example.

Bachelor’s Degree – The first step in the direction of a successful sports management career is, in fact a Bachelor’s degree. With specialties in Accounting, Business Management, Marketing, Risk Management, and Sports Management, upcoming sports managers are able tailor their management degree plan to their specific needs.

Master’s Degree – Master’s level studies are preparatory for management and administrative roles. Typically, students can pursue either an MBA – Master of Business Administration (concentrated on finance, sports management or marketing), or Master of Science (for Sports Medicine – focused on health care for athletes, or for Sports Management – being a multidisciplinary degree preparing students for all levels of sports management.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) – Sports management PhD’s typically originate from education or sports administration. Candidates however, may focus their research in related areas like sports marketing, sports medicine, sports leadership, risk management, and others.

Doctor of Education (EdD) – Graduates following the EdD program will typically follow one of two areas of emphasis: sports medicine or Olympism (which studies the structure and philosophy of the Olympic Games).

For more on these degreees, see:

Benefits of a Degree in Sports Management

The benefits of a sports management degree begin with the ability to work with teams and individuals who share a like passion for the sports industry. In becoming a vital part of a sports organization, this field will provide amazing experiences practically without geographic limitations – sports are prevalent nearly everywhere.

These courses focus on business aspects, information, intercollegiate and professional sports. Students will learn about the ethics, marketing, laws, finance and facility management as they all relate to sports.

In short, a degree in sports management will make you a competitive candidate for positions in sports organizations as they become available. Such positions and further possibilities become slim-to-none without the weight carried by a degree.

Sports Management Careers

Here are a few of the many career paths which open up for those equipped with a degree in sports management:

Sport Scout – With an average annual salary of $44K, sport scouts are responsible for the search, assessment and analysis of both amateur and professional athletes. Sport scouts will often consult with school coaches, meet with the families of players, reading local media and watching the performance of the players.

Sports Marketer – With an average annual salary of $76K, sports marketers work to create awareness, develop advertisements, handles the transaction of buying or selling athletes, teams, brands or sponsors within the sports field. Sports marketers will research the markets for the best opportunities, build a campaign with their clients and utilize a wide range of mediums to spread their client’s message.

Sports Manager – With an average annual salary of $56K, sports managers are charged with the overall organization and scheduling for organizations and athletes. The person in this position focuses on the business side of sports so the clients can concentrate on playing and winning the game.

Athletic Director – With an average annual salary of $101K, athletic directors are charged with leadership in all types of sports organizations, being high school or professional college teams. They are in control of every aspect of an athletic program, which includes facility management, distribution of finances, and hiring staff and coaches. They allocate funds to cover staff salaries, purchase equipment, and facility maintenance. The athletic director will also work with leagues and conferences to schedule events and activities.

Sports Facilities Manager – With an average annual salary of $80K, the sports facility manager is in charge of the overall operations of a facility, from small gyms to the largest of football stadiums. They are charged with implementing procedures which serve to maintain the quality of playing surfaces, keep sports activity participants safe, and maintaining an updated and effective security system. They prepare annual budgets, estimate operational costs, keep track of facility equipment, and delegate maintenance or repair issues.

Select Your Course and Start Your Sports Management Career

Considering all of the program possibilities available to someone pursuing a degree in sports management, the choice of direction may be the most daunting of all. However, once you’ve established a career path, the options become concise and the decision making process is less strenuous.

If you have a passion for the sports industry and find your desires to be a part of the inner-workings of the industry, then a degree in sports management is certainly the right choice.


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Choosing a Christmas Tree, Decorations and Family Holiday Activities

For many, myself included, Christmas is a favorite holiday and time of year. Although busy and chaotic at times, I usually don’t mind because I get to enjoy time off of work and the opportunity to create awesome memories with family and friends. Aside from the memories, let’s not forget the cakes, cookies, music, holiday cheer and decorations. Making all of this happen is definitely a responsibility and challenge if you’re not organized and prepared. After doing this so many times, I’ve created a nice list of helpful things that can help you prepare for your special holiday season.

Choosing a Christmas Tree, Lighting and Decorations

When it comes to getting a live tree, there’s no better experience than finding it and cutting it all on your own. Some don’t know this is available, but Google and visit your ‘local tree farm’, and you will be in for an awesome experience.

christmas tree decorations and lights

Finding and cutting your tree at the tree farm is unique, joyful and something you and your family will always cherish. Not only do most of the tree farm welcome centers have hot chocolate, but many have snacks and other treats that will make the experience that much better. Then when it’s time to get ready to choose your tree you will board a tractor or transport vehicle to drive around and identify the ideal tree for your home. Upon finding the perfect tree, talk to the attendant and learn the specific care instructions for the tree that you have chosen. Remember each Christmas tree species requires slightly different care techniques. The cool thing about this experience is they literally give you a saw, then you and the kids can take turns with saw until you are able to cut this tree from the ground. The farm worker would generally help you prepare and load the tree on your car for your journey home. Don’t forget, most tree farms also recycle your tree after the season. Not only is the tree farm process great fun for the kids, it’s also a great story to tell your holiday visitors as they marvel at your beauty of a tree throughout the holiday season.

Once home and you have the perfect tree then it’s time to start thinking about how to adorn your home with fancy decorations. One of the best places to add lights that will give your home a festive flare is your mantle piece. Since my mantle is located in the center of my family room where we often gather, it just makes sense to create an ambience using the holiday lights. Grab some of the leftover spruce and place it on a long top of your mantle in a nice pattern. Get some warm cluster LED lights on cable and position them on the mantle with the spruce. Then add LED pillar candles and tea lights to finish off your now spirited mantle piece.

Picking Gifts that Will be Appreciated

It’s very easy to want to create the Christmas for your kids that you never had growing up. I feel like a result of this is showering the kids with gifts. And not a normal amount of gifts, I’m talking to many gifts and too much money spent. After I recognize that this was happening, I decided to put it into the crazy holiday spending and implement this new approach to buying Christmas presents.

presents under the christmas tree

Kids and people in general are more grateful for the gift that they get it and actually remember each gift and the unveiling of those gifts when they are fewer and have more thought and meaning behind them. So I want you to commit to giving each kid four items, and here is the list: first you will get them something to wear, second something great to read, third something that they need, and lastly something that they want.

Done this way will allow you to be intentional and only invest in gifts that have a purpose. Each gift will be appreciated, used, and you won’t be overspending this year.

Fun Activities for the Whole Family

The goal during the holiday season is to shift our focus and do things that create the greatest sense of fulfillment. During the holiday season I was always in search of things that would make us smile as a family, and create memories that we can enjoy for years. So, follow these favorite activities.

Being together is something that makes the holidays so impactful. Identify some of the close friends and neighbors and invite them over to your home. Bringing your families together it’s such an easy way to create memories. While they are there you can do simple things like making gingerbread houses, baking cookies or playing charades or other games for the whole family. Also since the wreath is a large part of my Christmas decoration, I would have my friend Marcy and her family over and we would do it together. Since doing this it is now become a tradition in my family.

Since the holiday season is about enjoying one another and recognizing your blessings I always make it a point to do nice things for other families. In this spirit, another activity is to adopt a family. Find a local charity or partner with your church to identify a family in need. Then you can do something as simple as loading up your grocery cart with things that they can use during the holiday. Or you can play secret Santa and find some gifts that would really light up the family in need. I suggest you and your family-get-together and decide, organize and plan the best way to give back and make a less fortunate families holiday as memorable and blessed as yours.

Helpful Christmas Tips for a Better Holiday

I think you’ll be surprised at how these simple suggestions can make your holiday one to remember. Starting with the perfect tree, then give gifts that have meaning, and while creating memories that will last forever you can help others in need. Enjoy your holidays, and have fun this year!

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Preparing Your Yard and Trees for Winter During the Fall

When we reach fall, we are reaching the very last chance to prepare for winter. Over the spring and summer months, you work hard to build up curb appeal so, as much effort as it may seem, you need to pull on some gloves and prepare your yard and trees for the cold months. If you are concerned about the health of your tree, find a tree service or contact an arborist. To give you a helping hand, I have some simple gardening and tree tips you can follow.

Remove Weak Branches

Over the years, I have seen many people make the mistake of pruning in fall but this encourages growth in a time where your plants and trees should be hardening for the coming cold. However, you should take the opportunity to remove any of the dead or dying. During winter, we often complain about all the dead plants we have to look at, so why not remove them in fall? Watch how to properly prune a tree.

When in the yard, remove any dead annuals, deadhead spent blooms and cut back any dead ornamental perennials. Furthermore, you can lightly prune any sad-looking branches on shrubs or trees. When dealing with hydrangeas, you can remove dried blossoms but be careful with dead-looking stalks, as these will form new buds the next year. Visit this site for more gardening information and details on plants.

Control the Weeds

When it gets to spring, weed can ruin the look of any yard so be sure to get in control in the fall. Something I have learned over the years, both clover and dandelion pull all the nutrients in the winter and then come to life in spring. If you use herbicide in the winter, the poison will be drawn down into the roots with the nutrients and you won’t see them in spring.

As soon as you start treating weeds in fall, you will see the results the year after. If you notice brown spots in the grass, don’t worry too much as healthy grass will soon replace it.

Clear the Leaves

Although winter provides many problems for the yard, there are perhaps none more so than the constant falling of leaves. Not only will dry leaves stop the sun from getting to your grass, moist leaves will spread disease and mold. For this reason, you have to clear the leaves around once a week no matter how frustrating the process can be.

fallen tree leaves cleaned up

Sustainable Tip: Rather than throwing your leaves away, I find that it makes a fantastic organic compost to fertilize the lawn after being left to decompose.

Fertilize Your Lawn

A fact that not many people are aware of is that the majority of the grasses in lawns in the US were brought over from Europe, which means that we need to supplement the key nutrients they would have received in their native habitat. If you want to maintain a healthy lawn, use a little fertilizer in the early winter to replace nutrients lost over the summer months. During the winter, the fertilizer will act as a stimulant enabling the roots to grow beneath the surface and emerge fully in spring.

So there you have it, some fantastic tree care and landscaping tips I’ve learned in my experience to prepare your yard and trees for winter. If you follow these simple steps, you will be sure to enjoy the results of a beautiful and lush landscape in spring and summer!

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Why Flyers and Brochures Fail in Marketing & Tips for Improvement

Why Flyers and Brochures Fail in Marketing & Improving their Effectiveness

The world has changed. Ten years ago very few people had internet access and social media was in its infancy. The Pew Research Center reports, however, that in 2015 65% of America’s population used the internet and 76% of these people used social media. Marketing strategies have, therefore, changed to meet the current trends.

social media versus mass media

Compare the features of social media to mass media

Social media marketing has boomed for three primary reasons: companies are truly able to reach their target audiences, social media marketing generally costs less than traditional marketing, and companies are able to directly track the performance of each campaign. Flyers and brochures are now being used less and less as a result. However, they will never be completely eliminated because they allow companies to reach the other 35% of the population that doesn’t use the internet. It is therefore, crucial for marketers to understand the things to avoid when creating flyers and brochures and strategies for improving their effectiveness.

Flyer and Brochure Don’ts

  • Don’t attempt to make a brochure on your own. It is best to hire a graphic designer who can make an attractive brochure. Attractive and well-designed brochures present your company in a good light.
  • Don’t create a brochure just for the sake of having a brochure. Ensure that you have a goal in mind when creating the brochure. A person reading the brochure should clearly understand what your company offers and what they should do after reading the brochure. You should also consider how you want the brochure to be used. Do you want your sales representatives to use them as information packets or do you want to use them for a special promotion?
  • Don’t neglect to consider your target audience. Your target audience plays an important role in how the brochure should be designed. A younger demographic would be attracted to different designs and phrases than an older demographic.
  • Don’t make the brochure cluttered. Packing the brochure with too much information will make it unappealing to readers. Use appropriate pictures and present information as succinctly as possible.
  • Don’t use a brochure as your only marketing strategy. A varied marketing plan will be better for your brand.
  • Don’t neglect to monitor the brochure’s effectiveness as a marketing tool for your business after it has been distributed.

All of these don’ts are also applicable to flyers.

Strategies for Making Your Flyer/Brochure Effective

Following the don’ts listed above will help you effectively use flyers and brochures in your marketing plan. However, there are a few more tips that can help you make your brochure/flyer truly effective.

  • All your customers care about is their needs being met. Ensure that your brochure showcases how your company best meets their needs. Focus less on how proud you are about your company and more about how your company truly benefits the customer.
  • Choose words and images that appeal to your target audience. You have 5 seconds to grab a potential customer’s interest. Make those 5 seconds count by using words and images that instantly catch their eyes.
  • Always include your business’ name, phone number, website URL, and social media account names on the brochure. Customers should know how to contact you.

Despite the changing marketing landscape, flyers and brochures still have their place. Discover more flyer marketing tips, and avoid the don’ts outlined in this article and you’ll surely create an effective marketing strategy that boosts your sales.

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