Why Flyers and Brochures Fail in Marketing & Tips for Improvement

Why Flyers and Brochures Fail in Marketing & Improving their Effectiveness

The world has changed. Ten years ago very few people had internet access and social media was in its infancy. The Pew Research Center reports, however, that in 2015 65% of America’s population used the internet and 76% of these people used social media. Marketing strategies have, therefore, changed to meet the current trends.

social media versus mass media
Compare the features of social media to mass media

Social media marketing has boomed for three primary reasons: companies are truly able to reach their target audiences, social media marketing generally costs less than traditional marketing, and companies are able to directly track the performance of each campaign. Flyers and brochures are now being used less and less as a result. However, they will never be completely eliminated because they allow companies to reach the other 35% of the population that doesn’t use the internet. It is therefore, crucial for marketers to understand the things to avoid when creating flyers and brochures and strategies for improving their effectiveness.

Flyer and Brochure Don’ts

  • Don’t attempt to make a brochure on your own. It is best to hire a graphic designer who can make an attractive brochure. Attractive and well-designed brochures present your company in a good light.
  • Don’t create a brochure just for the sake of having a brochure. Ensure that you have a goal in mind when creating the brochure. A person reading the brochure should clearly understand what your company offers and what they should do after reading the brochure. You should also consider how you want the brochure to be used. Do you want your sales representatives to use them as information packets or do you want to use them for a special promotion?
  • Don’t neglect to consider your target audience. Your target audience plays an important role in how the brochure should be designed. A younger demographic would be attracted to different designs and phrases than an older demographic.
  • Don’t make the brochure cluttered. Packing the brochure with too much information will make it unappealing to readers. Use appropriate pictures and present information as succinctly as possible.
  • Don’t use a brochure as your only marketing strategy. A varied marketing plan will be better for your brand.
  • Don’t neglect to monitor the brochure’s effectiveness as a marketing tool for your business after it has been distributed.

All of these don’ts are also applicable to flyers.

Strategies for Making Your Flyer/Brochure Effective

Following the don’ts listed above will help you effectively use flyers and brochures in your marketing plan. However, there are a few more tips that can help you make your brochure/flyer truly effective.

  • All your customers care about is their needs being met. Ensure that your brochure showcases how your company best meets their needs. Focus less on how proud you are about your company and more about how your company truly benefits the customer.
  • Choose words and images that appeal to your target audience. You have 5 seconds to grab a potential customer’s interest. Make those 5 seconds count by using words and images that instantly catch their eyes.
  • Always include your business’ name, phone number, website URL, and social media account names on the brochure. Customers should know how to contact you.

Despite the changing marketing landscape, flyers and brochures still have their place. Discover more flyer marketing tips, and avoid the don’ts outlined in this article and you’ll surely create an effective marketing strategy that boosts your sales.

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