About The Writer

It seems I have always had a notebook and have been writing ever since I could hold a pencil.

My senior year in high school I realized the impact that words could have on people. Prior to that I always kept my writing a secret. Ironically that year 1 of my poems was included in the year book, and that was the beginning of a life long passion.

Over the years I have found new outlets and uses for my writing. Writing about life lessons, the world around us, and blogging about my experiences has opened up a whole new world.

I have recently branched out to explore more areas and opportunities available for me as a writer. Newsletters and brochures have given me an opportunity to add visuals, graphics and creativity to the words.

Words are our life because they share and convey our feelings, frustrations, beliefs and dreams. Putting these words together in a compelling and beneficial medium is what my writing, this blog and my life is about.

I don’t believe we were meant to keep our thoughts to ourselves, which is another reason books and others ideas are so valuable. We are called to share what we have been taught with others so they may learn valuable lessons.

It is my desire to share my gift, life experiences and knowledge with you. I hope something you read touches or benefits you, or if there is something you would like written and are not sure how to put it in words yourself just ask.

Hope my blog articles and writing helps you in some way. Enjoy!